These are our standard terms and conditions and are the same with all of our clients, automatically agreed to when the deposit is paid. 


Working With Us 

1. Union & Co Ltd will provide wedding planning services as discussed and described in the quote sent to you, the client. Our role will be that of consultant and coordinator. We will implement decisions made and signed off by you, the client.

2. Union & Co Ltd must be informed of any changes to events or details that will affect our role in planning the event. Any changes or additions to the scope of work and fees will be made in writing and agreed by all parties.

3. Union & Co Ltd charges £100 per hour overtime unless previously agreed. This will be agreed with you at the time.


4. If for any reason your lead wedding planner is unavailable on the day due to unforeseen circumstances, another member of the team will be made available to you.


5. An evening meal must be provided for all Union & Co Ltd team members (caterers will usually provide a small meal for suppliers who are still working at this time).


6. We treat all clients with the utmost respect, and ask that our clients do the same. At no time and under no circumstances whatsoever shall we tolerate abusive, violent, destructive, menacing, or harassing behaviour from the client or any party acting on behalf of the client. If such behaviour does occur, we will quietly and respectfully ask the client to handle the situation. However, if the abusive behaviour does not stop, we will consider it a breach of contract, and remove ourselves from the premises immediately. All remaining fees will be due regardless of further services not commenced and without any refund of monies paid.


7. Union & Co Ltd cannot be held liable for the failure of delivery of any good or service provided by third parties whether contracted by Union & Co Ltd or you the client.

8. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure Union & Co Ltd have all the required details and information necessary for them to undertake the services agreed. 


Cancellation of Contract 


9. Should for any reason - with the exception of a cancellation of this contract by Union & Co Ltd - your event be cancelled or postponed payment is still due to Union & Co Ltd in the following terms: 

More than 6 months before the event - the deposit paid will be retained by Union & Co Ltd 

6 months or less before the event - 75% of the total fee must still be made to Union & Co Ltd 

3 months or less before the event - 100% of the total fee must still be made to Union & Co Ltd. 


10. Should Union & Co Ltd or the clients feel it necessary to cancel the contract (eg. due to breakdown of relationship), payments made up until that point will, as standard, be non-refundable. 




11. Travel outside of the M25 will incur a travel surcharge (to cover petrol or train fares), payable as part of your final bill. This amount will always be agreed in advance and in writing.


12. Payments for our services must be paid within 14 days of receiving an invoice. If a client books within 2 weeks of the event date, a deposit is not required, but balance must be paid in full.


13. If the final payment is not paid by 2 weeks before the event date, Union retains the right to withhold any further work including attendance on the day unless payment is made immediately.


14. By paying the deposit you agree to the conditions above. 




15. In agreement with the photographer, their consent and terms, the client permits Union & Co Ltd to use selected images of the event for viewing on our website, social media, portfolio or promotional materials. The photographer’s name/website will be promoted underneath the photos where possible.


16. The following credit will be mentioned on all publicity/promotion of your event and/or our relationship, including, but not limited to, social media posts,, competitions, press releases, magazine features, etc - Union Weddings www.unionweddings.co.uk