Our weddings

Over the last five years, we’ve planned, set up, styled, problem-solved and celebrated weddings in London, Edinburgh and beyond. Here’s a few of our favourites...



We helped Helen & Mikey right from the start, with a full service package. We found them the perfect space for their vision of the most fun party ever. We hired them a boat, filled the venue with flowers and even called in boozy ice lollies at the last minute when the sun made an unexpected appearance and it turned into the hottest day of the year.

“We just wanted to say thank you for making our day genuinely incredible! We loved every minute of it and it was down to all of your hard work- thank you so much!”
Helen & Mikey


“I literally had the best time, and your help
made it possible to really enjoy the day.”
Anaïs & Will

A personal touch was needed for Anaïs and Will’s wedding, looking after guests who had travelled from far and wide and ensuring they had everything they needed. Panicked at the last minute, we took over all contact with suppliers and put together a schedule which ensured everything went to plan. We carried flower arrangements bigger than us between venues when unhelpful taxi drivers scuppered their best-laid plans, and worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure this super-cool couple never lost their cool.



Hollie and Luke called us in to help make their glitter-filled dreams a reality. On the day, we sprinkled a little extra magic everywhere, ensuring the guests made it across town on old routemaster buses, and even helped keeping hangovers at bay by giving out takeaway pizza as guests left for home. 

“One secret weapon of our amazing wedding was the super cool Union. If you’re engaged and on the hunt for some way to help ease the stress whilst also hanging out with the MOST FUN, MOST STYLISH ladies then look them up – you won’t regret it!”
Hollie & Luke