We'll tie up the loose ends

Sidestep the stress in the month before your big day - we’ll ensure every detail is in hand, providing you with a detailed time schedule and action plan so you know everything on your to-do list is taken care of.

Scheduled video calls

1 month and then 1 week before your big day, we’ll pick your brains for every piece of useful information, so it's in our heads rather than yours.

Expert problem solving

We'll  talk you through any concerns, find any gaps, potential problems or timing issues and talk these through with you.

Foolproof schedule

You’ll receive a minute-by-minute wedding schedule and action plan of things still to do - you can share this document with suppliers or anyone who needs to know the plan, and we'll update it as things change.

Supplier takeover

We'll get in contact with all of your suppliers and confirm timings with them so everyone is on the same page. We'll chase any outstanding details or invoices and be the point of contact so you won't need to deal with a thing.

Unlimited advice

Just drop us a line at any time throughout the process for help with all-things logistical.

Let's unite

Still don't know what's right for you? 

Drop us a line to talk about our bespoke packages.

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